School Uniform


1. Every child must come to school in the correct schooluniform.
– Navy blue neck pinafore; with the school monogram.
– Short sleeved white blouse; Navy Blue Shorts.
– School tie and belt
Black ribbons
– School socks and black shoes In winter, red cardigan : V-neck, front opening and simple ribbed pattern. (Cardigans must have the child’s name and class marked)
2. Sports and P.T. Uniform to be worn each Monday and on special occasions.
– White skirt and white blouse with monogram according to the school pattern. With white shorts.
– School socks and white shoes; black ribbons/hair band.
3. Fashionable hair styles, clothes, make-up, waxing/ bleaching, long and untidy nails, jewellery of any kind are not permitted at all. Simplicity is the hall mark of a student studying at St. Joseph’s.
4. Parents are encouraged to send their wards neat and clean to school every day.
5. Black Slacks are permitted only in Winter.