Aims And Objectives


The aim of the Educational Institution is the integral formation of the person, who as she grows becomes aware of the world, its people, its diverse cultures and problems and prepares herself to function in her chosen career, with a quality in her relationship, with her Creator, and with those she comes in contact, thus finding that fulfilment, which comes from the ultimate goal of doing everything, for the glory of God and the good of one’s neighbour. It endeavours to give all-round education, liberal and technical and also physical, moral and spiritual, primarily to Catholics for whose education, the school is established and to the extent possible, to children of all other communities. The Institution enjoys the right to manage, administer and carry on any connection of whatever nature, conducive to the material, moral educational and physical welfare of the School. To achieve this, the sisters draw their inspiration from Jesus Christ, who lived and died for the liberation and development of every person