Sr. Rose Mondoth’s birthday (30th July’17)

     A short prayer service was organized by the students of X-D under the able guidance of their class teacher Mrs. Nicola Mcleoud for Sr. Rose Mondoth’s

Birthday on 30th July’17. She was presented with bouquets and cards from the staff and students. May God Bless Her and Keep Her Always In His Loving Care.

PTA Meet (13th July’17)

           The PTA Meet was held in the St. Joseph’s Multipurpose Hall on 13th July’17. It was presided by Rev.Sr.Sophie, Rev.Sr.Rosemary and Rev.Sr.Rose.

The resource person was Mr.Ashutosh Banik. He made the parents aware of the various aspects of their children and how to work hand in hand with the school

management for the better prospects of their children. Mrs. Nicola Mcleoud, Mrs. Kadambari Thomas and Mrs. Prema Renu were the teachers in-charge.

Reaching out


          The students of the Interact Club of Std.VIII, XI & X visited SANDHYAVAN at Fetri on 15th December 2016. They were accompanied by Sr. Sardhana D’cruz, Ms. Sujata Badwaik, Mrs.Nandini Rajkarne and Miss Marilyn Carlo. They had organised a small cultural programme for the old & aged nuns. They presented a Christmas Play, danced and sang Christmas carols. The sisters also joined in singing the carols. The students gifted our dear sisters with handmade cards and brooches. All had a wonderful time.